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Bronze Urns and Jardinieres

A series of nine bronze urns and jardiničres, several of which are shown here. They embody ideas inspired by regional landscape, nature and myth or legend. Some of the series will effectively hold large planted pots or tree pots, others have lids which are removable for storage inside the urns.

Some of the colours may be varied to order.

“Sun Rising into Moon Shadows”

H. 63 x 46 cm. Edition of 20

Inspired by a spectacular event I witnessed one early October morning in East Sussex. A bright full moon bathed the frosty valley in silvery light, but dawn was imminent on the horizon as the moon shadows began to fade. As the first rays of the sun broke through the clear morning atmosphere and spread across the valley, penetrating one area after another, an extraordinary conjunction began. For brief seconds the opposing sources of light were equally suspended in a complex pattern of luminosity and shadow, until after a while the sun asserted its power and was the unrivalled source of light. As a sculptural work the urn offers two views: An aggressive side view and a serene, assertive front view.

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Bronze Urns

Bronze Urn

“Country Life Urn”

H. 80 x 40 cm. Edition of 25

A pair of these urns featured in the “Country Life” Centenary garden, which won the Gold Medal at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Bronze Urns

Bronze Urn

“Sunset Urn”

H. 44 x 24 cm. Edition of 20

Characteristic of the English sunset at the point where it gives way to the chill of approaching dusk; when the descending sun’s rays bathe the landscape in warm colour and pick out jet vapour trails and details on the horizon with great clarity.

Bronze Urns

Bronze Urn

“Welsh Valley Jardiniere”

H. 37 x 55 cm. Edition of 40

The basic shape was derived from an old iron pot found outside a cottage on the Sugar Loaf mountain in Wales. Its practical fullness and sturdiness could only have been of Welsh origin and lent itself to the bowl-shaped template. The landscape wraps itself around the raw characteristic shape of the bowl, culminating in windswept and gnarled trees for the handle.

Bronze Urns

Bronze Urn

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